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About the designer .


Suhayla Al Sheikh is a Cairo-based jewelry designer and visual artist born in Egypt and raised in Saudi Arabia. Growing up in a family that has an affinity for the arts, her passion for it has helped her push the boundaries of jewelry design and to constantly experiment in its various directions.

Ever since the age of 5, Suhayla has had a strong passion for the arts. Having been raised by parents, who share the same amount of love for the arts, has constantly helped nourish her artistic side and push it forth. When she was 18, she won an artistic achievement award signed by President Barack Obama, which further fortified her love for art and pushed her to study Visual Arts at the American University in Cairo.


An Artistic Rebirth

Suhayla’s artistic rebirth came when she was introduced to contemporary and conceptual modern-day art. She started creating conceptual and experimental artworks, which she later adapted into her jewelry.

She found in art a refuge from all that is draining in the everyday life. For her, it is power to resonate, to inspire, to heal, to conceptualize and to express without having to use a single word.

Through her jewelry, she’s aiming at bringing out the true essence of contemporary art and sharing it with the world. She wants to be the first mainstream jewelry designer to craft empowering jewelry which is based on experimentation and a deep, researched concept. "